Unlike a trans-dermal patch, that depends on a substance that has to permeate the skin, LifeWave is a patch that reacts to the infra red emitted by the body. The infra red technology stimulates the body’s own ability to provide glutathione for instance. The patch is used for 12 hours out of 24 hours. The application is similar to sticking a plaster onto the skin. Certain locations are used on a rotating basis. It is completely waterproof and are therefor not affected by swimming, sweating or showering.


Carnosine is indicated for athletes, as it acts on post workout inflammation. It also increases flexibility, strength and endurance, as it lights up the energetic pathways and teaches the body to remember its youthfulness, without illegal substances ever entering the body.


X39 has revolutionized stem cell activation by stimulating peptides to synthesize stem cells. A minimum of 3 months is suggested with a maintenance dosage. This is also recommended for ankle, knee and shoulder injuries.


Glutathione is produced in the body to aid in detoxification, however, with aging the levels of glutathione considerably drops, impairing the ability to successfully detox. The patch increases the body’s glutathion secretion with 300%. It supports the immune system and promotes the release of stored toxins.


Aeon reduces stress and inflammation