Manual lymphatic drainage

Currently, Jenina is one of  three therapists in South Africa that is registered as a Vodder therapist in treating secondary lymph oedema. She has completed her training at the Wittlinger Clinic for lymph oedema in Austria, where she trained under the masterful hand of Professor Hildegard Wittlinger, who founded the Vodder method together with Dr Emil Vodder in the 1930ties.

Manual lymphatic drainage is a skin stretching technique that promotes the movement of lymphatic fluid. Since the human body consists of about 70% water, this technique speeds up cell regeneration and detoxifies tissues .  Jenina uses the Vodder method creatively to cover various aspects from relaxation to medical intervention. In order to choose a treatment, here are some examples :

Basic manual lymphatic drainage :



Fascia release

Enhance athletic performance



Primary lymph oedema



Assit the healing of broken bones, scars and skin lesions

Pre and post operative to accelerate healing

Decongestive theraphy : 

Secondary lymph oedema (caused by surgical removal of lymph nodes, radiation or chemotheraphy)

Compression bandaging :

Preventative in cases of primary lymph oedema when travelling by air

Secondary lymph oedema after decongestive therapy

Palliative care :

Cancer patients suffering from oedema and pain

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