Knysna Painted Wolf Adventure Racing

Team Featherbed Painted Wolves

Expedition Africa, a 500km multi-sport, 4 person team, self-navigation, and self-supported race is considered to be the ultimate endurance sport. Teamwork, patience, strategy and incredible fitness get each team across some of the most demanding terrain in the world.

Amongst 54 teams from around the world, team Featherbed Painted Wolves crossed the finishing line as winners in 3 days, 12 hours and 33 minutes. Aching muscles, sheer exhaustion but smiling none the less, Mark Collins had this to say about their race:”We did our best from the word go, constantly worried about who might be on our tail. Expedition Africa has fast become one of the best adventure races in the world and is acclaimed to be so by the best teams in the world, well, we have won Expedition Africa.”

As the champions of the race, team Featherbed Painted Wolves has won an entry in the World Championships in Australia early November in 2016. With Wholelistix as sponsor, Jenina is using every opportunity to improve their physical wellbeing and assisting them in recovering from their intense training program.

#TrailTown #ExtremeFitness #Wholelistix

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