Jenina Conradie is Wholelistix

Wholelistix provides services that are affordable, wholesome, professional and natural. Jenina has developed techniques based on her somatology background mixed with experience and her own participation in sport. She provides athletes with the same attention and care that they put into their fitness.

Jenina is the energy behind Wholelistix. She is passionate about making people look and feel beautiful. She understands that beauty is not just skin deep, therefore she follows a holistic approach, taking into consideration the whole being. Skin is the first place where care or abuse is visible, it reveals the body’s internal health.

Her interest in athletes began when she worked at Fancourt Spa on golf VIPs in 1999. She also lectured at Isa Carstens Academy and served as the head of the Somatology Department at Allenby Campus.