Jenina Conradie is Wholelistix


Wholelistix provides services that are wholesome, comprehensive and natural. Jenina has developed a therapy based on a combination of deep tissue massage,  lymphatic drainage techniques and severe personal health challenges, mixed with her own participation in sport. She provides athletes with the same attention and care that they put into their fitness, enhancing athletic performance by reducing recovery time after strenuous workouts and preventing injuries during training.  Treatments at monthly intervals are not scheduled as a luxury or some sort of reward, but rather as an integral part of recovery. Combining Lifewave Carnosine patches to aid in the recovery of microscopic muscle tearing and increasing endurance, adds to ultimate recovery and increased performance, providing athletes with an unequaled advantage.

Jenina is the energy behind Wholelistix. It is not only athletes that qualify for this type of treatment, she caters for a wide range of needs including detox, cancer treatment recovery or support during treatment.

She understands that beauty is not just skin deep, therefore she follows a holistic approach, taking the whole being into consideration.

The skin’s surface is the first place where care or abuse is visible, it reveals the body’s internal health. Facial lymphatic drainage provides an instant, long-lasting, anti-wrinkle effect, without exposing the skin to any substance.

Her interest in health and well-being expanded when she worked at Fancourt Spa on golf VIPs in 1999. Before that, she lectured at Isa Carstens Academy in Stellenbosch and served as the head of the Somatology Department at Allenby Campus in Cape Town.

She did not choose lymphatic drainage, rather, lymphatic drainage and decongestive therapy chose her! Trained by Professor Witlinger at the Wittlinger Clinic in Austria, Jenina is one of a few therapists in South Africa, that offers the pure Manunal Lymphatic Drainage Method according to Dr Emil Vodder`s original instruction. Providing care for edema patients who have reduced lymph nodes or damaged lymphatic vessels as a result of chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Wholelistix also stocks compression bandages, however no compression garments.